Executive Team


Mr. Frank Tzeng

General Manager

Frank has over thirty years of consulting, corporate, and manufacturing experiences. He has served as an executive for several multimillion-dollar revenue companies in the Consumer Goods Industries, specifically Toy, Computer, and Electronics, and has successfully operated offices and factories across the US, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan.  He earned his Electrical Engineering Master Degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology in 1987 and have been lived in New York, New Jersey, California, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Dongguan, and Taipei.

Currently, his focus is on transforming Keiga to profitable growth through advancing Keiga’s people, products, and processes.

He enjoys mentoring young entrepreneurs, continuously learning new knowledge and skills from various professions and visiting historical sites to appreciate the rich and beauty of human authentic achievements.


Mr. Jackson Chien

Deputy General Manager

Jackson has been a senior member of Keiga executive team for over 10 years.  He mobilized Keiga’s entire engineering team in both the Taiwan and China Offices.  He is extremely detailed and customer oriented.  All our major customers love to co-develop products with him, calling him an ACE for their creative minds. He holds two advanced degrees, a Master of Advance Technology Management from University of South Australia and a Bachelor of Electronic from National Taipei University of Technology.

He used to lead over 100 engineers in eminent technical companies such as CTX and Coretronic, as their PM manager. He pioneered product development for Compaq, HP and Dell. Jackson has received many awards from his customers includingbeing called the best PM Manager in many various projects such as LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Semiconductor) display, small DMD Projectors, UHP/Metal Halide lamp, 3 panel/ploy-silicon SVG & XGA LCD projector, and many others.

In his leisure time, he enjoys climbing mountains, biking, photography and, best of all, traveling.

Chairman and Board of Directors