Software Engineering Team

The Software Engineering Team is Keiga’s secret weapon for the upcoming advanced Audio Amplifiers in the IoT environment.  Programming the firmware for amplifiers’ DSP is considered an easy task in this team.  Their intelligence and visionary powers are demonstrated in developing cutting-edge amplifier controls, monitoring, and management software system that can be remotely operating via the Internet network.  The team has successfully built embedded system to link Audinate Dante and Libre for audio networking and streaming.  Their applications significantly boost Keiga audio amplifier options to the next levels.

Mr. Dennis Lu

Director of Software Engineering

Mr. Lu has over 27 years of software development experience and used to focus on multimedia system integration, including coding and developing for the holistic and embedded systems. He graduated from Feng Chia University, Department of Information Engineering in 1994.

One of Dennis greatest achievements was leading his software team to create software functions of the remote controller specific for Microsoft Media Center that have ODM to HP, Foxconn, Acer, BenQ, Fujitsu-Siemens, and other manufacturers to produce over thousands if not million units.

Currently, he leads Keiga’s software team pioneering new amplifier control and management systems.  He works very closely with both Electronic Engineering Teams to expand the business opportunities.

His interests in beautiful melodies, especially those of the guitar and in the teamplay of badminton sports.

Group picture of Software Engineering Team, from left to right, Max, Dennis, Charley, Andy and David


Mr. Charley Wu

Manager of Software Engineering

Mr. Wu graduated from National Taipei University of Technology with a Bacheler Degree in Electrical Engineering.  He is skilled in Java and C language and has been creating programs for USB HID device, IR, RF, Bluetooth, Android App, and DSP.  Many of Keiga audio amplifiers’ firmware were architected by Charley. Keiga’s own privilege AMOR window version is one of his masterpieces.

Other than watching videos and play video games, Charley’s interest is applying his Android libgdx coding skill to design his own shooting app.  He enjoys the challenge of programming his own game’s video graphics and sound effects.


Mr. Max Cheng

Sr. Software Engineer

Mr. Cheng graduated from China University of Science and Technology, Department of Electronic Engineering and have been devoted himself to Audio/Video DSP firmware coding.

He specialized in C, Visual Basic, Java, Objective-C, HTML+CSS+Jquery programming languages.  He works closely with Keiga Electronic Engineering Team I and develops firmware for the most of the amplifiers released from that team.

His best relaxing activities are biking in the village and playing with his kids on the holidays.


Mr. Andy Ke-You Jhang

Programming Engineer

Andy is the key Android and Windows programer for Keiga’s own advanced amplifier communication, control, and management AMOR system.

Mr. Jhang has a Master degree in Electrical Engineering from National Yunlin University of Science & Technology.  One of his proud project is using artificial intelligence to developer of Chinese Chess Game.  He is also skillful in C, Java, and Basic languages.

In addition to programming, jogging, fishing, biking and watching movies are his sources of entertainments.