Dante & PoE

Dante PoE and Dante DSP Amplifiers

Dante Audio Networking

Dante, created by Audinate, is a powerful technology that transmits high-quality, multi-channel audio with minimal delay. It utilizes software, hardware, and networking protocols to achieve this feat, all over a standard Ethernet network.

Our Expertise with Dante

Since 2016, we’ve been a licensed partner of Dante technologies. This allows us to leverage their advanced capabilities in our products. We’ve incorporated both Dante Ultimo and Broadway chipsets into our offerings, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of Dante-enabled devices.

Dante PoE Amp

Keiga offers a range of Dante PoE Amplifiers to seamlessly integrate audio into your projects. These amps come in two formats:

  • PCBA boards: Designed for integration within your existing speaker housings, offering a space-saving solution.
  • Metal set-top boxes: Ideal for external applications where a more robust housing is needed.

Our Dante PoE Amps boast:

  • Channel options: Choose from 2 to 4 channels to suit your audio needs.
  • PoE standards compliance: Supports PoE, PoE+, and PoE++ for maximum compatibility with power sources.
  • Power output: Delivers power ranging from 30 to 100 watts, ideal for various speaker setups.
  • Extended reach: Connects to standard PoE hubs, routers, or switches over distances of up to 100 meters.
  • High-power option: The recently launched ED-013 model packs a punch with 85W of power at 4 ohms, perfect for demanding applications.

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Dante DSP Distribution Amp

Keiga offers various multi-zone power amplifiers with built-in Dante capabilities.


Dante Daughter Board

Keiga’s innovative Dante daughter board unlocks new possibilities for your existing Power Distribution Amps. This clever add-on transforms your amps into Dante-enabled devices, allowing them to receive and transmit high-quality audio and data seamlessly through a Dante network.


Dante PoE Ecosystem

Keiga offers a comprehensive suite of Dante-enabled products for building robust digital audio networks. Our ecosystem includes:

  • Dante PoE Amps: These versatile amplifiers combine power and connectivity, integrating seamlessly with PoE networks.
  • Dante Distribution Amps: Expand your audio reach with these distribution amps, ensuring optimal signal delivery.
  • Dante PoE Speakers: Simplify installation and eliminate the need for separate power supplies with these speakers (offered by various 3rd parties).
  • Dante Audio Input Devices: Effortlessly connect various audio sources to your Dante network (offered by various 3rd parties).
  • Dante Streaming Devices: Stream audio content across your network for broader distribution (offered by various 3rd parties).
  • Dante Audio Selection Keypad: Provide intuitive control over your audio system with this user-friendly keypad.

Dante PoE DSP Software

Take Control of Your Audio with Keiga’s PoE DSP Software

Keiga’s intuitive PoE DSP software puts you in complete command of your PoE amplifiers. This powerful tool allows you to:

  • Effortlessly manage: Control all your Keiga PoE Amps from a single, user-friendly interface.
  • Seamless integration: Customize the software’s appearance to match your existing control apps for a unified experience.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Integrate the software with your current control systems for a streamlined workflow.

Unmatched Customization:

Keiga’s PoE DSP software goes beyond basic control. We offer extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs.

Non-Dante PoE Amp

Keiga also developed PoE Audio Amplifiers without using Dante Chipset.  More about this product line, please contact us.

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Power Amp

Keiga: Your one-stop shop for custom audio power amplifiers.

We have a proven track record in designing and manufacturing high-quality audio power amplifiers, with experience in a wide range of amplifier classes (A, B, A/B, G/H, and D). Over 95,000 rack-mount amplifiers have been produced under our ODM, and OEM services, powering various brands worldwide.

Unmatched Versatility:

Our expertise extends to amplifiers of all shapes and sizes, from mono to 16 channels, traditional to IP Matrix configurations. We offer options for 1U, 2U, and ½U rack heights, along with high and low voltage models. Whether you need a basic amplifier or one with integrated DSP (Digital Signal Processing), we can deliver the perfect solution.

Ready to Partner:

Keiga operates exclusively as an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). We don’t sell under our own brand, but focus on bringing your vision to life.

Let’s Get Started:

We’ve included a selection of amplifiers currently available for your evaluation and to serve as a starting point for your custom needs, see below:

Multi-Zone Power Amps

IP Matrix Power Amps

70/100V Power Amps

Plate Amps

Keiga offers customized plate amp solutions for a wide range of speaker brands around the world:

Power Amp Product Images

Special Amp

Our audio amplifiers offer a variety of features to suit your needs. They come in different power ratings to handle any sound system size. We offer modular and integrated circuit board designs to fit your space constraints. Additionally, amplifiers can receive audio signals and control data through wires, wireless connections, or even the internet.

We have extensive experience designing amplifiers for diverse applications. We can integrate them discreetly into walls, ceilings, casino machines, car seats, bedheads, or even behind TVs and monitors. Desktop, rackmount, and PC-mounted options are also available.

See below for some specific examples…

Wireless Rx/Tx

Mini Amps

In-Wall Amps

PCBA Board

PC Board


Special Amp Images