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Delivering 26 Years of Reliability

26 Years of Specialties

26 Years of Engineering

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Dante and PoE Amplifiers:

Keiga has two types of Dante Audio Amplifier Product Lines:
1. PoE Amp Line
2. DSP Distribution Amp Line

1. PoE Amp Line

  • 71W Dante PoE/PoE+/PoE++ 4ch Amp Board (ED-008)
  • 71W Dante PoE/PoE+/PoE++ 2ch Amp Board w/90W PSE (ED-009)
  • 71W Dante PoE/PoE+/PoE++ 2ch Amp Board (ED-005)
  • 71W Dante PoE/PoE+/PoE++ 2ch Amp End Device (ED-71)
  • 22W Dante PoE/PoE+ 2ch Amp Board (ED-004)
  • 22W Dante PoE/PoE+ 2ch Amp End Device (ED-22)
  • 90W PoE Injector (EI-90)
  • 30W PoE Splitter (ESDC)

Keiga 2021 PoE Amps – Product line overview video / PDF

Keiga PoE Audio Introduction video / PDF

Keiga PoE Audio Advantages video / PDF

Below is Keiga’s current digital audio network ecosystem with Dante PoE Amps, Dante Distribution Amps, Dante PoE Speakers, Dante Audio Input Device, Dante Streaming Device, and Dante Audio Selection Keypad.

All Dante PoE Amps include Keiga’s custom DSP engine and Auto discovery firmware.

For projects that do not require Dante, the Dante modules may be removed from these amplifiers and can be customed to your brand’s specifications.


2. Dante DSP Distribution Amp Line

  • 12 Channel Matrix Amps (RM12D)
  • High Voltage Two-Channel Amps (RH1002D)

Both of these rail-mounted Dante audio distribution amps were showcased by Audinate at 2019 Infocomm. These products are ready to be shipped and customized to your brand’s requirements.

Dante & Keiga

Dante, developed by Audinate, is a combination of software, hardware, and network protocols that delivers uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio over a standard Ethernet network.

Keiga has been licensed by Dante technologies since 2016, and we have developed products using both Danate Ultimo and Broadway chipsets.

Dante and PoE Product Images

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Please note that we do not offer to sell to any individuals or customers without customizaton.  Minimum quantity and customization to your brand are required.


Multi-Channel HV and LV Power Amps

Keiga has extensive audio power amplifier experience from class A, B, A/B, G&H to class D. As of today, over 95,000 rack-mount amps have been produced and shipped to various brands worldwide.

Product developed from mono to 16-channel, traditional to IP Matrix, 1U / 2U / 1/2U, High Voltage/Low Voltage, and with or without DSP.  We only act as JDM/ODM/OEM for your brands. These are the currently available samples for your evaluation and custom referances:

Plate Amps for Active Speakers

Keiga’s plate amps have been custmized for servicing various branded speaker companies worldwide.  Current available samples for customization reference are:

Power Amp Product Images

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Please note that we do not offer to sell to any individuals or customers without customizaton.  Minimum quantity and customization to your brand are required.


Wireless Amps

Mini Amps

In-Wall Amps

PCBA Board

PC Board

Device Product Images

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Please note that we do not offer to sell to any individuals or customers without customizaton.  Minimum quantity and customization to your brand are required.

About Us

Delivering 26 Years of Reliability

Founded in 1996 in Taiwan by 6 former PROTON Audio Engineers, Keiga offers engineering expertise with substantial residential, commercial, automotive, marine, and PC audio experiences in the ODM and OEM supplier roles for the Professional and Custom Audio Marketers worldwide. 

In 2014 Keiga acquired AIM Inc. and Vistar Audio Inc. to became an audio engineering powerhouse, accumulating over 100 million units of products developing and manufacturing experiences.

Trustworthy, Reiliability and Confidentiality

We value trust and compete in innovation. For over 26 years, we have earned our clients’ trusts by our consistent commitments to devote ourselves into strictly OEM and ODM businesses, always behind-the-scenes, never retailed, and all works, software and hardware, under one roof.  We design, engineer, and manufacture client defined products, from concepts to finished goods, with reliability and confidentiality.  

Excel in Audio Engineering & Technology

    • 2021 produced Bluetooth LE Audio IoT Gateway based on Nordic nRF5340
    • 2020 shipped 2000Wx4ch High Voltage amp w/2 optional network decks 
    • 2020 shipped IEEE 802.11af/at/bt (PoE, PoE+, PoE++) products w/KAP™ exclusive installtion and management software
    • 2020 shipped Dante Broadwa™y and Ultimo™ chips related products
    • 2019 pioneered the 60W high power PoE++ Audio Amplifiers
    • 2018 delivered the Echo Dot in-wall Amplifiers to the US market
    • 2017 produced the industrial first Amazon Echo Dot Distribution Amplifiers
    • 2017 introduced Dante™ integrated Amplifier with the proprietary ALINKON IoT/IP control/management firmware
    • 2017 built and shipped Marine and Recreational Vehicle Multi-zone Audio Amplifiers
    • 2017 started the 3rd Generation IP multi-zone amplifiers
    • 2017 entered strategic alliance with CEntrance™ in an advanced DAC software engineering and Linsation™ in intelligent microphone array and voice recognition solutions
    • 2017 engaged IoT and audio streaming technologies partnerships with Dante™, Libre™, Tibbo™, Amazon Alexa™ and Chromecast™.
    • 2015 launched the 2nd Generation SMPS audio amplifiers
    • 2011 started 1st Generation SMPS HV and LV audio distribution amplifiers for the US major clients and over 95,000 rail-mounted units shipped to date
    • 2010 began producing gaming audio amplifier/board for the Casino Industry and over 217,000 units produced to date. 

2-Factory Group Manufacturing Capability

    • Gigatek, founded in 1984, specializes in high-mix high-volume productions with ISO9001, 14001, 13485, QC080000, IATF16949, and OHSAS 18000 certified factories in Taichung Taiwan.
    • Top Union, founded in 1990. specializes in audio, video and computer productions with ISO 9001, 14001, TS16949, QC 080000, BCMS, ESD S20.20, and OHSAS 18000 certified factories in Hsinchu Taiwan, Suzhou and Shanghai China.

10 In-house Teams to Serve You

All projects are led and orchestrated by a seasoned customer-oriented Product Development executive aiming to speed up the fast-to-market and quality commitments.

Product Development Team:

        • PM: Product Management
        • EE: Electrical/Electronic Engineering
        • SE: Sofeare Engineering
        • ME: Mechanical Engineering
        • QE: Quality Engineering
        • PE: Production Engineering
        • DA: Documentation Administration
        • CC: Customer Coordination
        • PS: Procument and Sourcing
        • ID: Industry Design

Quality and Reliability First

To insure production integrity and quality, Keiga has permanently emplaced Production Engineering and Quality Engineering Teams at the Taiwan and China factories.

Achievement-Seeking Solid People

Our teams of staff, from Electronic, Mechanical, Software, Quality, Safety, and Production engineers to  Administration are passionate about music and truly love to listen to our clients’ needs in seeking solutions for benefiting all levels of customers.

Keiga’s Facilities

Keiga’s Patents & Technologies

Keiga’s Affiliations:

Gigatek Inc., Taichung Taiwan — Full-service Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) and Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider.

Top Union Electronics Corp. — Established in 1990 and currently operates one plant in Taiwan and two plants in China, encompassing more than 950 employees.

Giga TMS Inc, Taipei Taiwan — Auto-ID, Point-of-Sales, Wireless Modems, Research and Development, & Marketing

Tibbo Technology, Taipei Taiwan — Ethernet modules, Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) modules, converters, networking devices

SES RFID Solution GmbH, Germany — Industry leaders in ultra-thin, energ harvesting, smart wearable and woven antenna technology

Yaga Inc., Taichung Taiwan — Provide turnkey production for SMT, DIP, assembly, test and packing service. Experience in the production of various electronic products including motherboards, FPC, Module, aluminum and other types of PCB Assembly. And can use the factory-related equipment to help customers make Thermo Shock test, X-Ray test and analysis.

S&E Technology Co., Ltd., Taichung Taiwan — RFID Laundry management, RFID Assets transaction management, RFID Anti-theft merchandise display cabinets, and various RFID Applications

Centrane, Inc. Chicago — Develops, licenses and distributes cutting-edge audio products

Linsation Intelligent Technology Ltd Co. — Provides intelligent voice input solutions and testing services

EMS Integrators LLC — EMS Integrators has launched EMSi5340, a BT carrier board based on the Nordic semiconductor nRF5340. 

Please note that we do not offer to sell to any individuals or customers without customizaton.  Minimum quantity and customization to your own brand(s) are required.