Dante & PoE

Dante PoE and Dante DSP Amplifiers

Dante, developed by Audinate, is a combination of software, hardware, and network protocols that delivers uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio over a standard Ethernet network.

Keiga has been licensed by Dante technologies since 2016, and we have developed products using both Danate Ultimo and Broadway chipsets.

Dante PoE Amp

Keiga developed varioius specifications of Dante PoE Amps in two formations, PCBA boards for re-layout to fit into your speaker housings and metal settop boxes for external applications.

Specifications from 2 to 4 channels, complied with PoE, PoE+, and PoE++ standards, output from 30, 71, to 100-watt, and can be connected within 100-meter between standard PoE hub, PoE router or PoE Switch and audio regular speakers. See more info.


Dante DSP Distribution Amp

Keiga developed a Dante daughter board to be installed inside Keiga’s own Power Distribution Amps. Then, the Power Amps become a Dante ready Amp to receive and sending audio/data sources via Dante Internet sytem.


Dante Daughter Board

Keiga developed a T2 Dante Daughter Board to interface with Dante Internet system.  We can customize one or two of this Dante daughter board to your existing Power Amps to make them a Dante ready Amps.


Dante PoE Ecosystem

Below is Keiga’s current digital audio network ecosystem with Dante PoE Amps, Dante Distribution Amps, Dante PoE Speakers, Dante Audio Input Device, Dante Streaming Device, and Dante Audio Selection Keypad.

All Dante PoE Amps include Keiga’s custom DSP engine and Auto discovery firmware.

For projects that do not require Dante, the Dante modules may be removed from these amplifiers and can be customed to your brand’s specifications.


Dante PoE DSP Software

Keiga developed our own PoE DSP software to control all Keiga PoE Amps. It can be customized, reskin, and interface with your existing control apps.

Non-Dante PoE Amp

Keiga also deveoped PoE Audio Amplifiers without using Dante Chipset.  More about this product line, please contact us.

See more Dante and PoE Product Images, please click here.