Power Amp

Keiga has extensive audio power amplifier experience from class A, B, A/B, G&H to class D. As of today, over 95,000 rack-mount amps have been produced and shipped to various brands worldwide.

Product developed from mono to 16-channel, traditional to IP Matrix, 1U / 2U / 1/2U, High Voltage/Low Voltage, and with or without DSP.  We only act as JDM/ODM/OEM for your brands. These are the currently available samples for your evaluation and custom referances:

Multi-Zone Power Amps

IP Matrix Power Amps

70/100V Power Amps

Plate Amps

Keiga’s plate amps have been custmized for servicing various branded speaker companies worldwide.  Current available samples for customization reference are:

Power Amp Product Images