X Your Demands

import, market, and distribute your brands of audio amplifiers, speakers, and/or audio electronics.

ODMs or OEMs your own brands of audio amplifiers, from component boards to finished goods.


You need a series of highly reliable and technically competitive audio amplifiers to help you gain market share and sell more speakers and other equipment.

Audio amplifiers are the only products that Keiga dedicates itself to.


You need a market savvy and industry experienced engineering team dedicated to develop your product lines without the overhead of that staffing.

Development required EE, ME, ID, QC, QA, Software, Procurement, Production engineers and specialists with decades of successful experience are all under one roof at Keiga.


You need a great margin, volume scalable and feature expandable product mixes to maximize your profits.

Keiga is extremely sensitive to clients’ profit margins and offers various options of cost-saving methods, from engineering to volume-mixed production. Only when you are profitable than is why we have been in business since 1996.


You need a partner with the ability to quickly respond with processes to administrate offshore engineering development, production facility, and logistics.

Keiga has 20+ years of proven fast-to-market process and offers a dedicated PM team with pre-designed engineering samples as your baseline to save time, costs and efforts for efficient product development and production.


You need a low-volume-high-mix manufacturing facility that stands firmly on quality, commitment and an ethical standard.

Keiga’s production engineering, QC/QA, and logistic staff are permanently stationed inside affiliated factories to instill your confidence in managing or supervising production.


You need the supplier to be extremely discreet and protective of your I.P. backed up with a good track record of product warranty and contingency plans.

Keiga positions itself as the behind the scene R&D and production engine for all clients.  It is Keiga’s business and reputation to keep all designs and developments confidential and to guarantee products liability.