Production Engineering and Control Team

The Production Engineering and Control Team resides year round inside the China Factory to monitor and coach factory engineers and, more importantly to convert new engineering technologies and samples into mass production products.  They also control production schedules and the materials and production quality.  This team works, eats, and sleeps in the same facilities as the factory workers to make sure all the products have been made consistency and attention to every detail.


Mr. XP Jiang
PMC Manager

Mr. Jiang is member of both QC/QA & Liability Engineering Team and Production Engineering & Control Team.  He has over 15 years in Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) management experience. He used to oversee more than 3000 workers in producing computer related products such as Sound cards, Remote controllers, Motherboards, Video Cards and Amplifiers.

Mr. Jiang has a bachelor degree in Mechanical Design-Manufacture and Automation Specialty. He is an IPC certified Management System Auditor.

Currently he stations in China factory supervising production quality and control materials providing Keiga’s customers an ease of mind in product quality.  He also as a member of Keiga’s QC/QA and Liability Engineering Team to maintain promptly communications on quality issues between design and production.

He plays badminton and hike daily around the factory in many nearby parks.


Mr. Li Li
Production Engineering Manager

Mr. Li is Keiga’s Production Team leader residing inside the factory for over 18 years.  He has a bachelors degree in Electronics and has been dedicated to audio amplifier engineering since 1996.

After Keiga Taipei office is finalized the engineering samples and  the approval to make the product ready for production, he takes the baton to engineer the product to fit into mass production processes and solve issues may raise from production.

He also like traveling and all kinds of sports.


Mr. Ren Liang
Production Mechanical Engineer

Mr Liang called himself Robber but he has never committed a crim or robbed anyone.  Once you met him, you will never forget his quick thinking mind and fast pace speaking way to pump creative ideas to you.  He holds a Bachelors Degree in Mechatronics and has been stationed at Keiga China factory since 1999.

His skills in mechanical design and material sourcing are one in a million in the industry.  He helps to transform engineering samples to mass producible processes.  He also is a member of our Mechanical Engineering Team to design the housing and connection structure for Keiga’s amplifiers.

Ren likes classical music, fishing and traveling.


Mr. ZC Peng
Electronic Engineer

Mr. Peng has 22 years of electronic manufacturing experience and has been with Keiga stationed in China factory since 2000.  He graduated from college with Electronic Engineering major in 1998.

He is good at communication with factory’s engineers and production workers.  He spent most his working hours and non-working hours at the production lines providing his expertise to make sure all production processes are run as engineers originally designed.

He like sports, Chinese chess, and making new friends.


Mr. Shenglong Liu
Electronic Technician

Mr. Liu is the youngest member in our China Production Team, but he has been in this team sicne 2005.  He has studied Electronmechanical Integration Technology and graduated in 2005

Keiga is the one and only one company that he has been worked for after graduation.  He checks, tests and cross-checks all the BOMs, layouts and designs from Taiwan Office in the handoff for production.

He like basketball, fishing, and watching movies.