Mechanical & ID Engineering Team

The Mechanical & ID Engineering Team is responsible for machines’ coatomistic and interface layouts, heat fanning structure, and easy-to-production architecture.  Their work and its material affect 20% and more of machine cost and 80% of production efficiency.  Keiga puts EE and ME teams side by side for them to design and engineer under one-roof to create beautiful, efficient, and cost-saving machines.

Mr. Johnson Wang
Sr. ME Engineer

Mr. Wang designs mechanical structures for several key Keiga products.  He graduated from National United University specialized in Mechanical Engineering.

His constantly received design honors and awards, here is some of his list:

    • 2013 Tear-innovation, honored “G-mark” award for his Hybrid hardshell case EDGE
    • 2012 Tear-innovation, honored “G-mark” award for his Powerbank SOLO
    • 2008 Think-product award for his Waterproof HID Metallight
    • 1997 Proton honored his multimedia monitor with built-in subwoofer design.

Johnson is a respectful gentleman. He is always polite and thoughtful, which reflects his interests in listening to classical music, jogging, and gardening. However, on his wild side, he also likes to watch Formula One racing.

Mr. Jacky Lin

Electronic, ID and Mechnical Specialist

Jacky likes problem-solving. His educational background is in Electronic Engineering, but he also shows significant talent in mechanical structure engineering and industry design.   He is extremely thoughtful in laying out electrical circuitry and collaborates extensively with all of other engineers. You can find him always in the lab testing and creating something electronic and mechanical for the projects assigned to him.

His interests are diversified, movie, music, sports, hiking, art, and dancing, you name it.