Administration and Sourcing Team

This is an unequivocally omnidirectional multi-tasking fun team. While all the rigid engineers are mostly single-minded concentrating in their designs, the Administration and Sourcing Team led by Ms. C.H. Mai are behind the scene providing heard-warming essential services to keep the entire company functioned as a forward competitive and well-lubricated machine.  They manage cash-flow, human resource, office logistics, documentation organizing, computer networking, components and parts sourcing, purchasing, public relationships, and many more.     

Ms. C.H. Mai                       (Top Right)
Administration Manager and Controller

Ms. Mai started her career with Keiga as Sales and Office Administer between 1999 and 2008.  Recently she returned to Keiga after being promoted to a senior position. She holds a bachelor degree in Accounting Information. At the current position, she is the locomotive of entire company’s spirits. The harmony and happiness of Keiga work environment come from her cheerleading activities.  She is always overwhelmed with workload and yet maintain flawlessly detail-oriented. No one really know how she can finish all her work with a smile on her face all the time.


Mr. Jiahong Chen             (Top Left)
Sourcing Manager

Mr. Chen is the resident magician for all our engineers and factories. He can find and purchase almost everything that our engineers’ need for creating amplifiers. He studied electronic engineering from Xiehe Youde Senior High, a technology vocational school with passion in music and people relationships. He is a human computer who knows up-to-date prices, availability, and where are the stocks for all the parts and components. You team him up with engineers and Keiga engineers can create almost everything.


Mr. Ricky Kuo                       (Far Left)
Liability Engineer and Jack of All Trades

If you have read his profile in the QC/QA and Liability Engineering Team, you are not mistaken.  Mr. Kuo is a duo-performer.  Mr. Kuo holds an official position as Liability Engineer and a non-official Jack-of-All-Trades handyman. Although “Jack of All Trades” is not an official title, Rick can do everything quick and accurately with a smile on his face.  He has a bachelor degree in Electronics from Taipei City University of Science and Technology.  His major function at Keiga is test and analyze the liability of products.  All products must pass his “thumbs-up” before release.  With his liability test report, he always recommends great countermeasures to solve engineering issues and put engineer at ease that they are creating safe and reliable products.  Like the Q to James Bone, Ricky is the secret service agent – engineers to QC/QA and Liability Team as well as Administration Team.  When he is not acting as Q in office, he likes fishing, hiking and travel as well.


Ms. Sabrina Du                        (Far Right)
Documentation Specialist

Ms. Du is our SAP ERP system expert.  She graduated from vocational high school specialized in Electronics with previous experienced in Oracle Agile PLM system.  She documents all Keiga’s design files including BOM, Gerber, circuitry, product photos, and agreements.  She communicates and updates all ECN with our factories and engineers so all files are kept in fresh condition without errors.  At the same time, she helps Ms. Mai in Administration work to keep office running smoothly.  She like mountain climbing, traveling, music and singing, best of all, she loves to treasure-hunt surprises in the flea markets with her children.


Ms. Amber Chen                         (Middle)
Assistant Purchaser

Amber could be the youngest member at Keiga. She is studying Business Administration at Chihlee University of Technology.  She helps Jiahong communicate with suppliers and take incoming QC as her main job.  She also excels at multitasking to help C.H. in bookkeeping and other work.  When you come to Keiga Taipei Office, she will be the first one to welcome you.  She enjoys watching movies, exercising and traveling.  She wishes to have a great achievement at Keiga with her interesting moto that reflect the ambition of today’s young generation “Life is like playing video games, you need to keep going to the next levels.“