Advisor Team

Mr. Mal Hollombe

U.S. Advisor

Mal has a Masters Degree in Business Administration. He has had senior management roles in the aviation industry, the television interconnect industry and the minicomputer industry. Mal held a senior role in a  legacy automotive security company, then on to a navigation startup in voice recognition using early bluetooth technologies.

His love of music and the car audio industry lead him to roles in the audio world. Mal held roles as Vice President of KSC, one of the industry OEM’s, and as the President of Soundcast Systems, an innovator in wireless audio products. While not an engineer, he knows more than he lets on, while circumspect about his technical skills. He has become our Western “voice”, helping us make sure that language issues do not hinder our work.

His list of hobbies are golf, lap/ocean swimming, cycling, reading, listening to live and recorded music, travel and of course, attending to his wife and his grown family.


Mr. S.C. Jan

Technology & Engineering Advisor

SC has been in various electronic product industries for over 40 years and has an Electronic Engineering Bachelor degree from Tamkang University.  In his early career, he has been stationed in the US for PROTON corporation in charge of technical and marketing aspects of TV, Audio, and Computer related products developments and sales. Later, he has been the executive leaders of several high-tech companies for security camera, cell phone camera, and audio products.  He is extremely kin to the engineering and technology developments for the CEA, CEDIA, and Infocomm industries.

Previous Mr. Jan was the General Manager of our company, Keiga Electronics and has created several technical and marketing roadmaps for the advance 3rd and 4th generations of audio amplifiers for Keiga while he executed the merger and acquisition of AIM and Vistar Audio companies to expand Keiga’s technical and engineering capacities.

Currently he serves as the Director of Board and Technology & Engineering Advisor for Keiga to continue his foresights for our company.


Mr. Alex Sung

Industry Business Advisor

Alex has an Executive MBA degree from National Chung Hsing University and an Electronic Engineering Bachelor degree from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. He has over 26 years of experience in Electronic Engineering, ISO 9002 Quality Assurance, Electronic Manufacturing Service, Manufacturing Sales, and Factory Management for Gigatek Inc. and Delta Electronics, Inc. He been started up and stationed China factory for Gigatek over 10 years.

Currently, he served as the Special Assistant to the chairman of Gigatek Inc. to synergize all Gigatek affiliated companies, including Keiga Electronic, Inc., and to discover business opportunities worldwide.

Anyone who know Alex is full of hospitality and enthusiasm in sports, including but not limits to baseball, football, soccer, and basketball. He also like to read and listen to classical music while tasting wine and things of beauty.


Mr. Jackson Chien

Deputy General Manager

Jackson has been a senior member of Keiga executive team for over 10 years.  He mobilized Keiga’s entire engineering team in both Taiwan and China Offices.  He is extremely detail and customer oriented.  All our major customers love to co-develop products with him, calling him an ACE of their creative mind. He holds two advanced degrees, a Master of Advance Technology Management from University of South Australia and a Bachelor of Electronic from National Taipei University of Technology.

He used to lead over 100 engineers in the eminent technical companies such as CTX and Coretronic, as their PM manager.  He pioneered product developments for Compaq, HP and Dell. Jackson has received many awards from his customers including being called the best PM Manager in many various projects such as LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Semiconductor) display, small DMD Projectors, UHP/Metal Halide lamp, 3 panel/ploy-silicon SVG & XGA LCD projector, and many others.

In his leisure time, he enjoys climbing mountains, biking, photography and, best of all, traveling.

Mr. KT Chiou

Quality and Engineering Advisor

KT graduated from Department of Electronic Engineering at Tamkang University with a Bachelor degree. He was one of the original members and leaders of PROTON TV design and engineering team that produced the world’s best of the best TV in the 80’s and 90′.

He has been assigned on station in our China factory for over 4 years and has the firsthand experience in production and engineering.  Currently, he is in charging of QC and QA.  He reviews and analyze daily production line reports. He has retired from his previous position in leading Quality and Reliability, responsibile to check and trouble-shooting all production issues and to design testing equipment for in-line production tests, and remain active as the Advisor role with our company.

Personally, Mr. Chiou has an extremely high IQ score which is exemplified in is lighting-like thinking and problem-solving abilities. His interest lie in searching new stuff in both the real and virtual world.