Electronic Engineering Team I

Electronic Engineering Team I is the hard-core design and engineering team for high wattage power amplifiers. This 3-member team led by Mr Teddy Chiang has created all of the new 70/100 high voltage audio distribution amplifiers, multi-zone multi-function power amplifiers, and high power distribution amplifiers with a range of up to 2000 watts including in a 1U format.

Mr. Teddy Chiang
Director of EE Team I

Teddy loves to design audio amplifiers. He started his career in designing loudspeakers in 1998, at which point  he was assigned the tasks of engineering car audio amplifier and electronic crossover between 1989 and 2002. He has become expert in Class-D Audio Amplifier and this is his passion today.

Mr. Chiang is guy very humble man but he is absolutely full of design ideas. Keiga has several clients who insist on using only his designs. He can discuss design philosophy and run diagram with clients in English and provide solution options and advice for creation of unique products.

His creations in Class-D Amplifier Carrier Cancellation, Thermal-flodback Amplifier Power Control, and DSP controlled Thermal Management System has ellevated Keiga machines to high levels of performance.

He graduated from St. John’s University with Electronical Engineering major.  Other than table tennis, his hobbies are all involved with audio amplifier engineering.  He is an avid music buff and he enjoys playing with electronics and test instruments to sort out his ideas.

Mr. Phil Yao Tzu Kang

Sr. Electronic Engineer

Phil holds an Electronic Engineering degree specializing in electronic communication devices from Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology and has designed several award-winning PROTON car audio-video systems prior to joining Keiga. His knowledge and experienced in designing layout and circuit boards were the drivers in creating several key Keiga products.

Listening to music is his number one hobby, but if you like Chinese Kongfu, he would love to practice Tai Chi and Dharma Health Qi Gong with you.  He is our Renaissance man!

Mr. Chin Hui Lin

Sr. Electronic Engineer

Mr. Lin studied Electronic Engineering from a professional institute of engineering in 1975. Since then, he worked for the Audio R&D Center at PROTON Corporation specialized in Tuner and Amplifier designs and engineering.  One of Proton radios designed by his team has been collected by the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  At Keiga, he contributes his ample know-how in creating power amplifiers.

Classic music listening and biking are how he spends in his leisure time.