PM Team

PM Team is our core center of management.  They interface with our clients, provide technical solutions and options, guide development processes and lead technical teams to achieve final specifications and applications.

Mr. Jackson Chien
Deputy General Manager

Jackson has been a senior member of Keiga executive team for over 10 years.  He mobilized Keiga’s entire engineering team in both Taiwan and China Offices.  He is extremely detail and customer oriented.  All our major customers love to co-develop products with him, calling him an ACE of their creative mind. He holds two advanced degrees, a Master of Advance Technology Management from University of South Australia and a Bachelor of Electronic from National Taipei University of Technology.

He used to lead over 100 engineers in the eminent technical companies such as CTX and Coretronic, as their PM manager.  He pioneered product developments for Compaq, HP and Dell. Jackson has received many awards from his customers including being called the best PM Manager in many various projects such as LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Semiconductor) display, small DMD Projectors, UHP/Metal Halide lamp, 3 panel/ploy-silicon SVG & XGA LCD projector, and many others.

In his leisure time, he enjoys climbing mountains, biking, photography and, best of all, traveling.


Mr. YF  Tsai
Director of Product Management

Mr. Tsai leads teams in developing Keiga’s newly developed amplifiers and has guided clients into IoT, Voice control, Internet Streaming, and the IP Management world of Amplifier applications.

He has over 26 years of experience in developing audio electronic products such as USB headsets, Medical listening devices, PC audio cards, PC Speakers, MP3 and RF products.  His products have been selected the Best Choice of Computex and achieve number one market share in Taiwan while working for Creative Labs, Formosa21 Inc., and Aim Inc.

Mr. Tsai holds two Bachelor degrees in Electrical Engineering from Taipei Institute of Technology, Taipei Taiwan and English Literature from SooChow Uinversity, Soochow China.  He enjoys swimming and camping with his family, wife and two kids.


Ms. Demi Cheng
Accounts Specialist

Demi is the linchpin of PM Management Team.  She functions as the team glue. Both Jackson and YF rely heavily on her administration skills.  She coordinates with customers and factories with her influence power and invisible hands  smoothing all the logistics and operational liaison issues.

She holds a Bachelor degree in Chinese Literature. As the mother of a beautiful baby, she loves to watch movies and listening to music.


Ms. Joanne Tseng
Accounts Specialist

Joanne has been with Keiga for over 8 years.   Her attention to details  and perserverance to follow through on every assignment have been most appreciated by our clients large and small.  A true “Make It Happens No Matter What!” lady.

She earned two Bachelor degrees in Business Management and Business Administration from National Taipei University of Business and National Yunlin University of Science and Technology.  She enjoys movies and novels on her leisure time.