QC/QA & Liability Engineering Team

QC/QA & Liability Engineering Team is tasked to monitor production’s quality controls, to advise and design quality assurance, to test liability issues on engineering sample prior to production, and to exam products post-production.

This team works with Production Engineering and Control Team in conjunction with factory’s QC team to review, analyze, and troubleshoot batch and daily production reports to maintain high production quality.  Currently, they are working on product traceability to upgrade production to an even higher level.

They also work very closely with testing labs on all compliance standards and guide design engineers to make the safest and most reliable products.   

Mr. KT Chiou
Sr. Electronic Engineer and Advisor

KT graduated from Department of Electronic Engineering at Tamkang University with a Bachelor degree. He was one of the original members and leaders of PROTON TV design and engineering team that produced the world’s best of the best TV in the 80’s and 90′.

He has been assigned on station in our China factory for over 4 years and has the firsthand experience in production and engineering.  Currently, he is in charging of QC and QA.  He reviews and analyze daily production line reports. He is responsibile to check and trouble-shooting all production issues and to design testing equipment for in-line production tests.

Personally, Mr. Chiou has an extremely high IQ score which is exemplified in is lighting-like thinking and problem-solving abilities. His interest lie in searching new stuff in both the real and virtual world.


Mr. Ricky Kuo
Liability Engineer and Jack of All Trades

If you have read his profile in the Administration Team, you are not mistaken.  Mr. Kuo is a duo-performer. He holds an official position as Liability Engineer and a non-official Jack-of-All-Trades handyman. Although “Jack of All Trades” is not an official title, Rick can do everything quick and accurate with a smile on his face.  He has a bachelor degree in Electronics from Taipei City University of Science and Technology.  His major function at Keiga is test and analyze the liability of products.  All products must pass him with a thumb up before release.  With his liability test report, he always recommends great countermeasures to solve engineering problems and put engineer at ease for creating safe and reliable products.  Like the Q to James Bone, Ricky is the secret service engineers to QC/QA Liability Team as well as Administration Team.  When he is not as Q in office, he likes fishing, hiking and travel as well.


Mr. XP Jiang
PMC Manager

Mr. Jiang is member of both QC/QA & Liability Engineering Team and Production Engineering & Control Team.  He has over 15 years in Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) management experience. He used to oversee more than 3000 workers in producing computer related products such as Sound card、Remote controller、Motherboard、Video Card、and Amplifier.

Mr. Jiang has a bachelor degree in Mechanical Design-Manufacture and Automation Specialty. He is an IPC certified Management System Auditor.

Currently he stations in China factory supervising production quality and control materials providing Keiga’s customers an ease of mind in product quality.

He play badminton and hike daily around the factory nearby parks.