QC/QA & Liability Engineering Team

QC/QA & Liability Engineering Team is tasked to monitor production’s quality controls, to advise and design quality assurance, to test liability issues on engineering sample prior to production, and to exam products post-production.
This team works with Production Engineering and Control Team in conjunction with factory’s QC team to review, analyze, and troubleshoot batch and daily production reports to maintain high production quality.  Currently, they are working on product traceability to upgrade production to an even higher level.
They also work very closely with testing labs on all compliance standards and guide design engineers to make the safest and most reliable products.


Mr. Kevin Sung

Sr. QC/QA Engineering Manager

Kevin holds an Electronic Engineering degree from China University of Science and Technology and has been in production and management engineering for audio and optical devices for years.

He is the go-to guy for technical and engineering transfers between our Taipei office and China factories. His devotion to electronic design and trouble-shooting has earned  him the highest respects from both design and production engineers everywhere.  Numerous amplifier products has been successfully and quickly produced due to his diligence spending nights and days in the factory converting engineering samples to mass productions.

Music, ball games, table tennis, and studying all electronic and engineering are his hobby and kept the highest 205-day record working and living at factory over 18 months.

Mr. Eric Chen

Production Engineer

Eric graduated from Tamkang University Department of Electrical Engineering in 1999 and studied post-graduate degree in Electro-Acoustic designs.  He stations in our Taichung factory but travels frequently to Taipei office in designing, testing, and documenting products’ production processes.

He found his enjoyment from sports (badminton, softball, baseball, etc.) and classical music.

Mr. ZC Peng

Electronic Engineer

Mr. Peng has 22 years of electronic manufacturing experience and has been with Keiga stationed in China factory since 2000.  He graduated from college with Electronic Engineering major in 1998.

He is good at communication with factory’s engineers and production workers.  He spent most his working hours and non-working hours at the production lines providing his expertise to make sure all production processes are run as engineers originally designed.

He like sports, Chinese chess, and making new friends.