Electronic Engineering Team II

Electronic Engineering Team II has extensive skills in advanced technologies and in audio amplifiers for on-board, in-wall, built-in applications.  Their latest products were a multi-room audio distribution system for Amazon Echo Dot.  Currently they are developing similar devices for Google Voice Assistant and Amazon Alex Voice Service with Libre technologies.

Mr. Tom Chang
Director of EE Team II

Tom leads Keiga’s EE Team II in creating low wattage audio amplifiers.  His recent projects related to on-ceiling and in-wall devices to amplify and distribute Amazon Echo Dot audio.  These  have been highly recognized and won awards at CEDIA shows.

He holds an Electronic Engineering degree from Lunghwa University of Science and Technology. We are proud to say that he has a long list of extended education background, product design experience, patents held, document he has authored and award-winning titles warrant a whole separate page to describe.  Please click here for more.

As his hobby, Tom likes to coach young engineers. Here is his note that he used to intrigue you to design electronics.


Mjlin Chin Hui Lin
Sr. Electronic Engineer

Mr. Lin studied Electronic Engineering from a professional institute of engineering in 1975. Since then, he worked for the Audio R&D Center at PROTON Corporation specialized in Tuner and Amplifier designs and engineering.  One of Proton radios designed by his team has been collected by the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  At Keiga, he contributes his ample know-how in creating power amplifiers.

Classic music listening and biking are how he spends in his leisure time.


Mr. Higx Lin
Electronic Engineer

Thirteen years ago, Higx started his career in electronic engineering from working for Panasonic, Bcom, and Sotac for their audio-video devices.  And, he has been assigned to Ford Detroit factory worked on Panasonic car audio system.

At Keiga, he is extremely ollaborative and he designs Amplifiers  independently as well.  He was recently in the innovative project team that developed latest in-wall Amazon Echo Dot amplifier system.

He is an active triathlon sportsman. He bikes or runs from home to office every day.  He like to DIY remote-control model airplanes and helicopters. Diving, mountain climbing, and photography are also among many of his interests.


Joe Wang
Electronic and Production Engineer

Joe graduated from Overseas Chinese University and earned a bachelor degree in Information Management.  He stations in Taichung factory and currently study a Master degree in Electro-Acoustics in Feng Chia University.

Prior to being responsible to design and develop manufacturing processes for Keiga, he was designing various multimedia and Bluetooth speakers.

He is a happy father of two daughters.  His biggest enjoyment is to spend time with his daughters besides music listening and web browsing.